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      1. Leica DISTO? D3a Laser Distance Meter

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        Smart Horizontal Mode™
        Thanks to the combination of distance and tilt measurements you can determine the horizontal distance precisely and simply. If you take a measurement at an inclination of ± 45°, the Leica DISTO™ D3a always calculates the shortest distance. So you can measure quickly and easily, even over the top of objects and people.

        Multiple functions
        The Leica DISTO™ D3a can calculate rectangular and triangular areas, volumes, room dimensions and various types of Pythagoras functions. A time delay release and enough memory for up to 20 measurements round off the instrument's wide range of functions – a concept designed to make your work life easier.

        Multifunctional endpiece
        Aim the instrument straight at the target point, whether measuring out of corners, slots or from edges: with this endpiece you are prepared for all measuring situations. The instrument detects the endpiece automatically, which helps you avoid expensive measuring errors.

        Power Range Technology™
        The integrated Power Range Technology™ makes measuring long distances very easy. You can measure up to 80 m without a target plate and even up 100m with a target plate, without having to take single step.

        Brilliant and clearly arranged display
        The results are displayed on the large (2”), clearly arranged and high contrast display. At the touch of a button, the display makes supplementary information available about the measurements, e.g. indirect height, room dimensions, angle information or room angles.

        What's in the Box:
        1x Leica DISTO D3a
        1x Protective Holster
        1x Wrist Strap
        1x Target Plate
        2x AAA Batteries
        1x Instruction Manual

        Leica DISTO D3a Brochure
        Leica DISTO D3a Manual
        Leica DISTO D3a QuickStart
        Leica DISTO Family Brochure


        Customer reviews

        • 5

          this apparatus was useful.

          Posted by Jeffrey Tran

          witha range of 100m this laser measure was perfect for the job i needed done. top marks.

        • 5

          Simple, tough and very useful disto

          Posted by ian

          I've found this disto really easy to use. Because its so small I've been able to use it easily in corners and tighter places for measuring short distances, but it can also measure over larger distances.

          It's a really handy bit of kit to have, and it can survive well in difficult site conditions, I'm really happy with it.

        • 5

          The leica d3a disto is a great little measuring tool

          Posted by Scot H

          I'm really happy with my leica d3a disto, its really easy to use and the screen display is very clear and simply laid out, so it is very easy to read measurements quickly.
          Even though its not a top of the range disto, it has all of the features that I need and its made to the high standard that leica are famous for, so I am confident it will keep giving me reliable results for a long time.

        • 5

          The service was really good when I bought my D3a Disto, I would definitely buy from here again

          Posted by Bradley Wayman

          The staff were very knowledgeable when I was buying my Leica D3a, they really helped me find the right disto for my needs, because I wasn't too sure at first which would be best for me. It was a very quick, easy and enjoyable experience buying from this website, so I would definitely do it again.