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      1. Leica DISTO? D8 Laser Distance Meter

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        360° tilt sensor
        The combination of angle and distance measurements allows you to determine distances where conventional methods fail. The horizontal distance, for example, can also be determined quickly and efficiently past obstacles or the elevation of a tree, even though there is no reflective point.

        Digital Pointfinder
        Thanks to the digital Pointfinder with its 4x zoom and high resolution 2,4“ colour display, you can measure long range distances quickly and easily because you always see your targeted point.

        With integrated Bluetooth® technology, measurement results can be wirelessly and accurately transferred to Pocket PCs and PCs. Thus you can easily process your data in Excel®, Word®, AutoCAD® and other programs.

        Free software
        The delivery package contains the transfer software “Leica DISTO™ Transfer” – easy to install and with automatic updates. The AutoCAD® plug-in additionally allows convenient planning and drawing with your AutoCAD® software.


        What's in the Box:
        1x Leica DISTO D8
        1x Protective Holster1x Wrist Strap
        1x Target Plate
        2x AA Batteries
        1x Instruction Manual
        1x CD: DISTO Transfer (PC / PPC), AutoCAD PlugIn

        Leica DISTO D8 Brochure
        Leica DISTO D8 Manual
        Leica DISTO D8 QuickStart
        Leica DISTO Family Brochure


        Customer reviews

        • 5

          Top quality stuff

          Posted by Jeremy Norris

          This piece of tech is a bit more expensive than some of the other leica products, but is worth the extra. Quick and easy to use with bright projected lines. Always have other tradesmen wanting to have a look at it onsite.

        • 5

          Top of the range, top performance

          Posted by Bodan Paskovich

          Just brilliant, nothing more, nothing less

        • 5

          The Leica D8 disto is an extremely advanced measuring instrument

          Posted by Stuart Butcher

          I've been using the Leica D8 disto for a few weeks now and its become an essential on site measuring device for me. Its got loads of features and has a real top of the range feel about it. This disto has the great build quality that Leica are famous for, I'm really happy with it.

        • 5

          The Leica D8 disto is a really impressive professional piece of equipment

          Posted by James Murray

          The Leica D8 Disto is a great piece of equipment, its packed full of features to do all kinds of jobs, I havent even used all of its functions yet. Leica are obviously known for making high quality products and leica D8 disto lives up to leicas reputation.
          The D8 disto is really easy to use and makes measuring all kinds of distances a very quick and simple process.
          The D8 disto does cost more money than other leica distos but it is definately worth it, because it is much more advanced and has a lot more features and capabilities.
          The discounted price makes it a great deal, I snapped it up as soon as I saw it.

        • 5

          The Leica D8 is a great disto at a great price

          Posted by sam taylor

          I bought the Leica D8 disto because i saw the price and knew i wouldnt find a deal on it much better than this. the disto is a really advanced piece of kit, its got loads of great features and its really easy to navigate through them to make it do what you want. its a really top quality piece of equipment from leica.

        • 5

          Very impressed with the knowledgeable advice from the staff

          Posted by Mark Mcgee

          I was very impressed with the staffs knowledge on the distos, they explained to me really well what kind of things the distos I was looking at could do, and which would be the best one for me. I'm glad they helped me pick out the D8 disto, it's definitely the best disto for me.