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      1. Leica Lino L2 Cross Line Laser

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        Vertical aligning
        Here the large glass lens shows what it’s made of: the simple way to ensure that wall and floor tile joints precisely meet one another.

        Exact 90° angle
        Alignment tasks such as marking out 90° angles are done at the touch of a button. Saving you real time!

        Aligning at an angle
        You can manually switch off the self-levelling feature using the lock function. The laser line can then be projected at any angle. The lock function also serves as transport protection.

        Working in very bright conditions
        The pulse function is not just an energy-saving mode: it also allows you to locate the laser lines using a laser detector, even in very bright lighting conditions. A series of acoustic signals from the detector indicates the precise position of  the laser beam plane.

        What's in the Box:
        1x Leica Lino L2 Cross Line Laser
        1x Target Plate
        1x Magnetic multifunction adapter
        1x Ball adapter for tripod
        1x Alkaline batteries (type AA, 3 x 1.5v)
        1x Carrying pouch
        Leica Lino Brochure

        Customer reviews

        • 5

          The Leica L2

          Posted by Dave Smith

          This is a really well put together small laser level. loved using it.

        • 5

          The L2 is a very good laser level from leica

          Posted by Niall Rourke

          The Leica L2 is a really handy laser level to have for many different levelling jobs. Its very easy to use and the laser is very visible.

        • 5

          This is much better than using a spirit level

          Posted by mark

          The Lino L2 is much more convenient and i think a lot more accurate than using a laser level and because you dont have to try to balance it on the work youre trying to level its a lot easier to use, because you can just put it down and it will project the laser.