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      1. Leica NA720 Automatic Level

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        100 Years of Leica Research, Development and Experience
        In every Leica NA700 series level lies over a century of research and development from forefathers Kern Swiss and WILD Heerbrugg. Continuous application of the most modern technology has led to Leica Geosystems of today. We offer a wide range of surveying instruments and software, with a legendary reputation for precision and reliability that has been put to the test for decades on the building site.

        So Easy to Use
        The circular bubble and horizontal circle can be read directly next to the telescope. Approximate targeting is made easy using the external sight. The image is presented upright and precise targeting is quick, courtesy of the double-sided endless drives.

        Free Choice
        Configure the level to suit your work and preferences. The horizontal circle can be read in either degrees or gons, the footscrews have adjustable resistance. Also, the Leica NA700 series may be mounted on flat or dome-head tripod.

        Ergonomic Optics
        Probably the finest optics in the world. Banish tired eyes forever. Ensures you are really aiming accurately at the target, even in extreme light conditions. A minimum target distance of 50 cm enables you to work in the tightest conditions.

        “Best in class” optics
        Whether early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can work with the Leica NA700 series where the others simply have to give up. Better contrast reduces the strain on your eyes and makes it easier to read the measurement. The building site is no place for compromise. That’s why every Leica NA700 level uses our renowned optics. That means longer periods of use with reduced chances of error.

        Water and Dustproof
        Water, dust and dirt have no effect on the Leica NA700 series. High quality workmanship matched with an intelligent design, watertight seals, a gas-filled telescope and the most modern technology mean that even after a total soaking you just carry on working. Leica NA700 series levels are tested for water resistance up to IP57 (total immersion) of the IEC60529 standard.

        Shock Resistant
        Even after a short drop, the Leica NA700 series levels can be used again straight away. In our quality assurance tests the Leica NA700 is subjected to impacts with an acceleration of up to 700 G. It has also passed the tough ISO9022-33-05 standard. These quality tests ensure that the Leica NA700 can withstand the roughest treatment on site.

        Great NA720 package
        Tripod and staff are important parts of any levelling equipment. Get better results with approved original Leica Geosystems tripods and staffs. If you require this level with a tripod and staff please see our Leica NA720 package.

        What's in the Box:
        1x Leica NA720 Automatic Optical Level
        1x Hard ABS Protective Case
        1x Adjustment Screwdriver
        1x Adjustment Allen Key
        1x Instruction Manual
        1x Telephone Technical Support
        1x 12 Month Warranty

        (Register your Leica NA700 within 8 weeks of
        purchase at www.leica-geosystems.com/registration
        to extend the warranty to 3 years.)
        Leica NA700 Series Brochure
        Leica NA700 Series Manual


        Customer reviews

        • 4

          good quality

          Posted by Jack Duffy

          The product is made to a good standard and good quality. pretty much what you always expect from such a well established company like Leica.

        • 5

          thought I had a decent level til I got this

          Posted by Terry Hughes

          I had a South 20x level for a bit, always felt a bit cheap (because it was I guess) got my first Leica, chalk and cheese in terms of build quality, never going back to cheap imports again

        • 5

          The NA720 is a high quality, easy to use automatic level from leica

          Posted by Paul Jones

          The leica NA720 is really easy to set up and use, the optics are fantastic for a relatively lower priced leica level, and it feels like a really high quality piece of equipment, as you would expect from leica.

        • 5

          Good service and fast delivery - ticks all the boxes

          Posted by George Williams

          Using this website I have had very good service, the staff have been very helpful. The delivery was also really quick.

        • 4

          My NA720 was delivered very quickly, I'm very pleased with the service

          Posted by Ray Jordan

          I'm very happy with my experience using this site to get my NA270 level. The process was very easy and my level arrived very quickly.