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      1. Radio Detection 'CAT3+' Depth Locator

        Category: Cable Avoidance

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        Precision locate
        Improved pinpointing of buried services and exceptionally fast sound and meter response.

        Optimized locate
        Operates effectively in congested sites, and sites with overhead cables.

        Avoidance Scan
        Search in Power, Radio and Genny modes simultaneously for improved safety and faster surveys.

        Optional: Strike Alert
        Alerts the user to detect shallow power cables by flashing an alert icon.

        Introducing a new generation of products with ground breaking features - delivering improved safety, faster surveys and simpler operation. 

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          Posted by Hayden Howell

          this product is good value for money if you have in your budget! the Radio Detection 'CAT3+' Depth Locator is so good especially at shallow depths. and the strike alert is a must have when you buy this type of product.