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      1. Ranging Pole Support Stand with Clamp

        Category: Levelling Staff

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          Ranging Pole Support Stand with Clamp

          Posted by D.Trigg

          Very handy, has many a use and very lightweight but stands its ground, never seen these before but really making life much easier ,great product

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          Staff Holder

          Posted by Carl Hide

          Great, use this to hold the staff and receiver in place, makes life easier when working on your own

        • 5

          Prism Holder

          Posted by Harry Bennet

          Great for holding your prism and pole in place in areas of hard ground !! Very useful, very Sturdy too

        • 5


          Posted by Wendy Smithles

          Came today, thanks for the quick delivery, good quality product will be very handy on tomorrows survey

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          Fast Delivery

          Posted by Courtney

          Fast Delivery, Next day Service was cheap,,same price most people charge for 3-5 days delivery,
          Had goods in stock and shipped out same day